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Time Management Tips

Dymphna Ormond “Time once lost, can never be recovered.”    Geoffrey Chaucer en-route to Canterbury Time is a resource. According to Peter Drucker “Time is the scarcest resource. Unless it is managed, nothing can be managed.” An effective manager make decisions everyday on how to use their time to achieve results that matter.   This involves […]

Team Development 1

5 Tips for Motivating Employees

Dymphna Ormond A common question I am asked is “How do I motivate my team?”   I usually respond, “You don’t.   However what you can do is to create the right environment, the right factors and opportunities that will motivate each of your team members to give their best.” Each person in your team is different. […]

Difficult Conversations 1

Actionable and Impactful Feedback

Dymphna Ormond Great and impactful feedback is essential for everyone’s performance and development.  However giving feedback that inspires and supports behaviour change is difficult.   Creating action is not always easy. Changing someone’s behaviour is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish.  It is even more difficult than changing our own behaviour – no matter […]

Difficult Conversations 2

The High Cost of Not Training

Dymphna Ormond People are an organisation’s greatest asset.   All results are achieved through people.  However, many managers and leaders lack the skills, knowledge, confidence, and awareness of how to do this.   Leading and empowering others requires developing the right skills and mindsets and should not be overlooked; they need to be learnt, practiced, developed, supported […]


5 Steps to Manage the Transition from Team Member to Manager

Dymphna Ormond You’re there.  You got the promotion that you wanted.  You are now a manager, team leader or supervisor.  Congratulations.   You enter your new role full of excitement, maybe a bit apprehensive and full of ideas of what you will do.   However, as you settle into the role and your comfort zone is stretched […]

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