Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership development is a continuous process.  The challenges and the skills required will depend on whether you are making the transition from an individual contributor to leading a team or others or to leading other leaders.   Companies who invest in their leaders, emerging and current, create a culture of successful leadership where their organisation significantly outperforms others.

As Peter Drucker says, “One does not ‘manage’ people.  The task is to lead them.”

The successful leader achieves the right results in the right way with and through people; they deliver extraordinary results.  A supervisor or a middle manager and even individual contributors may be leading projects or need to involve and influence others who do not directly report to them.   Relationships with stakeholders are key and people need to develop the skill and confidence to influence without authority.   We offer a range of leadership development courses in Galway, throughout Ireland and Internationally.   The leadership development courses include half-day, one day and modular courses that can be designed to meet your organisational needs.   Below you will find a range of our leadership development courses all of which can be customised.   Contact us to discuss your next steps.

Leadership and Management Development Courses

Leadership Development 1

Leadership Skills

Personal Development

Developing High Performance Teams


Building Trust

Ormond Home 2

Front Line Management


Impactful and Actionable Feedback


Delegation Skills

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Executive Presence

Executive Coaching 3

Coaching Skills for Mangers

Team Development 2

Motivating your Team

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