Personal Development

Personal Development

What is personal development? Why is it important?

Invest in yourself with your continuous personal and professional development to deliver extraordinary results that matter.  Continuous personal and professional development gives you the skills, behaviours, new knowledge, awareness and confidence to be the best you can be everyday.  

The Leadership author John Maxwell asked himself the question “How far can I go?” to focus on his development as a leader.

What skills, behaviours, attitudes do you need to grow to improve your effectiveness for your personal and professional development?   Will you benefit from growing your self-awareness, building confidence, strengthening your communication skills, influencing skills or presentation skills, enhancing your time management skills or developing how you manage conflict and challenging conversations or behaviours? Make a commitment to your personal development.   We offer a range of personal development courses in Galway and throughout Ireland.  

Personal Development Courses

Personal Development

Advanced Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Assertive Communication Skills

Time Management 2

Time Management Skills

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills: Take your Presentations to the Next Level

Team Development 2

Influencing Skills

Difficult Conversations 1

Managing Difficult Conversations

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution Skills


Meeting Skills


Leadership Skills

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