What to expect from this course

Introduction and Welcome

What to expect from this course

This is your space to learn from the comfort of your office or home.   This course is designed for those who are new to presenting or have some experience and want to bring their presentation skills up to the next level.   The aim is to give  you a strong foundation from which to work and build your skill level.  Each of the modules builds on the previous module and follows the approach that should be taken when creating or designing a new presentation.   Many people make the mistake of starting with their slides.  This should be one of the last activities that you take.

There will be a number of handouts that you can download to support your learnings.

I will be encouraging you to watch video’s from YouTube and/or Ted Talks to explore and experience effective presentations.

I would also encourage you to actively work on a presentation that you will be giving in the near future or one that you have recently given and look for ways to improve it.   There are always changes that we can make to our preparation and delivery that can/will improve the impact of the presentation.

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