Presenting with Impact

Presenting with Impact

Discover how to create a presentation that delivers your key message and creates interest without allowing nerves and past experiences to get the better of you.

Being comfortable at creating and delivering engaging presentations is an essential skill to develop as you move through your career.  However, for many people the thought of standing up and presenting fills them with fear while others fail to engage their audience and therefore do not achieve the best result or outcome from their time.  This course will take you through the steps

  • To create a presentation that will engage your audience
  • To create a presentation you will be comfortable delivering that will engage your audience
  • To deliver a presentation with energy, passion and confidence
  • To deliver your message through your presentation

Your Pace

Please take the course at your pace and ensure that you have the time to really focus on your learning.   Actively participate by challenging your thinking, experimenting and practicing to gain new awareness, insights and comfort level.


Course Information

Estimated Time: The course is designed to support you create a new presentation and practice your delivery. Therefore, work through all the modules at your own pace.

Course Instructor

Dymphna Ormond Dymphna Ormond Author
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