Establishing your Learning Outcomes

Leadership Skills

Establishing your learning outcomes

The course will only have the impact that you want it to have if you commit yourself to all the modules, exploring the concepts in each module and developing new behaviours required.  I know this can be difficult as this requires breaking habits and forming new habits.  To break a habit that is not serving you or giving you the best results, you have to consciously decide to change it, stop it and replace with new habits, or ways of working.    Warren Bennis (On Becoming a Leader) created four lessons of self-knowledge.  I have summarised them in the attached handout.

Four Lessons on Becoming a Leader (Bennis)

Create a focus for each of the modules and for your overall leadership.   Download and complete the worksheet below to give you focus.  You may want to work with a colleague or manager to create a strong focus.

My leadership focus and learning plan

The exercise will focus your commitment.   Capture:

  • The reason you sought out this course?
  • What need will this course meet for you?
  • What will be the positive impact to you, your career, your team and/or your organisation by developing your leadership skills?
  • What will be the impact or cost of no change?
  • So, how important is this to you?
  • What are you prepared to do to develop your skills?
  • What are you looking to learn from each of the modules?
  • How will you measure your progress?
  • Who can support and encourage you?

Activity:  Speak to your manager, mentor or a person you trust and seek their input.  This exercise will help to create the inner drive to be the leader you want to be.

Studies have shown that students engaging in reflective activities have reported increased self-awareness, self-confidence, and feeling of empowerment to recreate their own self-concept.    They have demonstrated enhanced professional skills such as more effective listening, a greater ability to manage change, and better ability to clarify arguments.  Create a reflective journal and working with your peer partner use your reflective journal to support further discussions, exploration and application to support your growth as a leader.   Download the attached document for more information on a reflective journal.

Reflective Journal

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